Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry for the perfect smile

Are your teeth discoloured? Do they have inappropriate size or shape? Healthy teeth and beautiful smile contributes simultaneously to your self confidence. Choose our aesthetic dentistry!

Be confident in your smile!

Are you ashamed of your smile? This may certainly lead to inhibitions both in your job and in your private life. The aesthetic dental solutions of DENTOP help you to regain your attractive and confident appearance which is a basic requirement in many professions.

Put yourself in our hands and after our treatment, your mirror on the wall will surely say that your smile is the fairest of all! 

At our aesthetic dentistry, we make your smile magical with the following treatments below:

  • Aesthetic fillings: these composite fillings perfectly fit together with the shade of the original teeth and they provide an aesthetic and invisible solution for problems induced by tooth decay
  • Direct front teeth restorations / build-ups, direct veneersDirect veneers (free-hand or Uveneer) restore the shining colour of your teeth in case they are not responsive to whitening.
  • Porcelain veneers: With porcelain veneers, your teeth regain their original beauty - no matter if they are discoloured or fractured.
  • Composite and press-ceramic inlays / onlaysWhen tooth filling is not sufficient to treat a hollow tooth, inlays and onlays provide a long-lasting result
  • Zirconium, metal-free ceramic, press ceramic and metal ceramic crowns and bridgesNo matter if you have an extensive tooth loss, flawless teeth is not only a dream anymore with fix dentures produced using the most modern materials.
  • Tooth whitening: you may own the smile of superstars with the help of the latest whitening procedures that are available at our dental clinic as well.
  • Smile design: Can’t you imagine your new smile? Before starting the treatment, we design then show you which smile will suit your character the best.
  • Gum surgery: so that your gums can’t be a barrier to have a harmonious smile.

Smile with relief! You’ll have the reason for this since there won’t be any missing or yellowed teeth after our treatment. Never hesitate to contact us, no matter how special your demands are!

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