Oral surgery

Oral surgery

Problems that require surgical intervention may equally occur in the oral cavity or on any other parts of the body.

When our oral surgeons have the key role

Is it possible to remove a tooth with a ‘simple’ tooth extraction? Do dental implantation and its related treatments require oral surgical intervention? Unfortunately these procedures cannot be avoided in certain cases - thus, they might look creepy and terrible.

We make your daily life painless with the following dental surgical interventions:

  • Tooth extraction, root removal: When the tooth can’t be saved with any other methods, we gently remove the diseased organ with surgical tooth extraction.
  • Wisdom tooth removal with surgical uncovery: our specialists remove the problematic wisdom tooth with surgical uncovery
  • Root end resection: if the tooth root remains inflamed after the root canal treatment is finished, root end resection might be the solution to save the tooth.
  • Cyst removal: the surgical removal of the aching, inflamed cyst eliminates the pain and prevents further complications.
  • Sinus- lift: a special kind of bone graft, where the prosthetic material gets between the bone and the sinus mucosa so that the dental implant can be fixed.
  • Sinus closure: as a result of an extraction, the sinus might open up which should be immediately closed if possible via surgical intervention.
  • Bone graft surgeries: before inserting the dental implants, bone graft may be necessary if the patient’s bone density or quantity is insufficient for an implantation.
  • Implant insertion: in many cases, the first step of making fix dentures is to insert one or more implant (artificial root).

Rely on our oral surgeons and you’ll be in good hands!

Professionalism and emotional support? Yes! Our oral surgeons do everything to do surgical interventions that are accompanied by the least possible pain and anxiety.

Do you procrastinate the extraction of your wisdom tooth for a long time? Do you have serious pain or any other complaints? Are you unable to bring yourself to visit the dentist?

Don’t be afraid! Let DENTOP specialists gently handle the problem!

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