Removable dentures

Removable dentures

Our dentists make removable dentures in considerable quantities if the patient chooses this type of replacement from the possible treatment alternatives.

Full dental plates

Various types of removable dentures exist. If all the teeth is missing, we are making full dental plates. These kind of dentures not only substitute the teeth but also complete the missing parts of the atrophied jawbone. When it comes to the upper jawbone, the denture entirely covers the palate. This expansion on the denture is important because it helps to keep the dental plate in place by the suction power between the palate and the artificial area. As far as the mandible (lower jawbone) is concerned, the dental plate entirely covers the toothless lower ridge as well. Besides, it provides support for the lips, smoothes away hollow cheeks and deep wrinkles caused by total toothlessness. Unfortunately, - owing to this large expansion - it takes more time and patience for the patients to get used to full dental plates since they need to learn to chew and to articulate again. With this denture good aesthetic results can be achieved. Thanks to the artificial gums, the face character slightly changes and typical hollow cheeks will disappear.

Partial dental plates

If there are remaining teeth in the mouth, we can make a partial dental plate. Here, teeth play an active role in fitting.

Fastening of the artificial part can be done onto the permanent tooth with buckles or onto the specially made dental crown. This is the cheapest and most simple type of removable dentures. Our dentists make telescopic dentures as well when there’s an extensive tooth loss. In such cases, we prepare and polish the existing teeth as if we were going to make a dental crown but this time, we stick a metal cap on the original tooth. The crown that fits on this metal cap is a part of the removable denture. Telescopic denture is a prosthesis leaning on the existing teeth and on the oral mucosa.

Combined dentures constitute a separate group. In this case, the prosthesis consists of a fix part which is glued to the permanent teeth and of a removable part that replaces the missing teeth. Various precision elements ensure the closest possible fixation between the two parts.

Removable dentures are done on the basis of imprints in close cooperation with the laboratory. The production of each type of removable dentures require several meetings. We choose the colour and the shape of the teeth together with our patients. After having delivered the dentures, we order our patients back several times to short-stay checkups since this complex prosthesis takes more time to get used to and it might need slight corrections in the beginning. Additionally, we put great emphasis on the education of the proper cleaning of dentures so that the prosthesis can function appropriately for a very long time.

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