Tooth edge restoration and upbuilding of the incisors

Tooth edge restoration and upbuilding of the incisors

Tooth edge restoration and upbuilding of the incisors

Our incisors play a crucial part in our lives - just think about consuming food or simply about aesthetic reasons - these teeth are the most striking when you smile or speak.

Unfortunately it happens quite often that accidentally or as a result of an injury, the edge of the incisors become weaker. There might be more severe cases as well, where even the bigger part of the crown might break down. In such a case, it is necessary to restore the edges of the teeth.

We use premium quality filling materials especially developed for the fore-teeth. Due to the spread of cosmetic dentistry, our incisors are perfectly restorable today. We are continuously expanding our knowledge by attending further trainings so that you get the most appropriate treatment possible both aesthetically and functionally. 

How it’s made?

If the lesion is small, the construction of the fore-teeth might be done during a single treatment. In such cases, we restore the damaged teeth after having carefully chosen the material and having thoroughly examined the neighboring teeth’s shape and colour. 

If the significant part of a teeth is missing, we might need the help of the dental technician. In such a case, we take a dental impression of the given teeth, on the basis of which the technician builds up the missing part of the teeth using a cast. Then, the expert makes a silicone index of the incisors. Finally, this imprint of the ideal tooth shape is put back into the patient’s mouth and we can start building up the new tooth layer by layer after the size adjustment.

The last step is to reshape the new teeth to its natural form using various polishing tools.

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