Wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction

Extraction of problematic wisdom teeth

It’s quite common that there’s no sufficient space for the eruption of wisdom teeth. In such cases, painful and inflamed gum pockets might evolve around the affected teeth. Wisdom teeth tend to decay and it occurs that they push forward all the other teeth before them. All this might lead to malocclusion and the crowding of the teeth. In that case the wisdom tooth need to be removed.

Most common problems:

1. Being the rearmost tooth, it’s difficult to clean - thus, it might become carious too early. There are cases when the wisdom tooth can be saved with a filling but if a root canal treatment became necessary, the removal of the tooth should be considered. Owing to the complicated system of wisdom tooth root canals, the treatment is unsuccessful or impossible in a lot of cases.

2. The eruption of the tooth is balked. Wisdom teeth might be covered with bone tissues or horizontally / abnormally located. If they lie too close to the teeth before, they might cause crowding or the absorption of the directly adjacent tooth’s root.

3. If they are covered with gum tissues, inflamed pockets might develop adjacently. They may cause recurrent inflammation that is associated with inconvenient mouth opening limitation and intense pain. In such cases, extraction shall be done after the treatment of inflammation. If the dentist considers that the wisdom tooth can be kept and he wouldn’t threaten the adjacent tooth after eruption, cleanability of the tooth and its surroundings might be facilitated by a gum correction surgery.

4. Owing to its incorrect position, it may cause the cavity of the adjacent tooth since the latter’s cleaning is more difficult.

Why Do We Remove Wisdom Teeth?

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