Live your life to the fullest with perfect teeth! Teeth don’t have aesthetic functions only although this aspect is not inconsiderable. Your teeth play an enormous part in articulation and chewing.

Denture is already considered as a ‘natural wear’ today. Dentures - either removable full ones or removable partial ones - besides enhancing your quality of life, they are comfortable and natural owing to modern dental materials.

Health check is the first step towards the perfect denture

Customized denture? Certainly! After our initial review, we can find out what kind of treatments does your bone structure make possible. We examine if it’s suitable for receiving an implant with a fix denture or if removable denture will be the best solution.

Basing on the results, we make the detailed treatment plan which fits perfectly with your demands.

What kind of denture suits you the best?

The most adequate denture will be determined by the actual condition of your existing teeth.

Are your teeth missing? We’ll help you with partial or removable dentures!

Removable denture: if there’s no possibility to insert an implant in order to have a fix denture, we suggest the traditional removable denture instead.

Please, don’t be reluctant! We often see that patients are afraid of this possibility. In such cases, we always explain that a removable denture could also be aesthetic thanks to modern dental technique materials used today. On one hand, this is achievable with precise sampling (taking imprints), on the other hand, the quality of plastics used for making the dental prosthesis is a guarantee for the life-like effect.

Removable partial dentures: if your bone structure is eligible for having dental implants, we can make you a removable partial denture.

In practice, this means that the prosthesis is attached to the implants - thus, the denture is much more stable than the traditional removable ones and it’s more comfortable to wear. There are various methods to fix the denture, such as telescopic, clasps etc. - we choose the one that suits your demands the best.

You have remaining teeth? Then choose the removable partial denture

Your teeth is incomplete or they are too weak to hold a dental bridge? There’s a solution for that! In case you have remaining teeth but they are incompatible with fix dentures, we suggest having a removable partial denture.

Believe us: there’s nothing to be embarrassed about having a well made, customized prosthesis! Dare to smile and proudly wear your dentures!

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