Aesthetic fillings

Aesthetic fillings

The growing aesthetic demand of patients justifies the revolutionary innovations in the field of filling materials: composite dental fillings have almost entirely forced amalgam out from the market. Today’s aesthetic filling materials satisfy the requirements of patients - with their help, both the shape and colour of the original tooth is retrievable. Contrary to popular belief, amalgam is not a bad filling material although it has aesthetic disadvantages. Making an amalgam filling requires less technological background than modern composite fillings.

Dental composites

Various types of dental composites are known today - different colours are available for the reconstruction of the dentin (the inner component of the tooth) or the enamel. It’s expedient to use different filling materials for the treatment of molars and incisors - their prices are different from each other.

How it’s made?

Thanks to today’s modern materials, it’s sufficient to remove the decayed parts of the tooth in most of the cases. We never sacrifice the healthy areas of the tooth - although in many cases, when it comes to amalgam fillings, we need to remove the intact parts as well since a specially designed hole helps in the fastening of the artificial material.

The difficulty of making an aesthetic dental filling is that it needs to be done in a totally dry environment - but thanks to the facilities of our clinic, that’s not a barrier. After having drilled the hole, we clean, prepare then dry the surface of the cave - the next step is putting adhesive on the tooth surface which establishes the contact between the tooth and the filling material. The dental filling is put inside the hole with the appropriate stratification technique, then we illume it layer by layer using a curing light. This way, the bonding evolves and the solidity of the dental filling will be appropriate. The refinement of the filling is the final step: we use various types of finishing devices, particulate diamonds and rubber polishing devices to make the teeth natural and smooth again.

When is replacement necessary?

If the edges of the old composite is discoloured or started to shrink, decay might evolve along the dental filling. In such cases, the composite fillings need to be replaced.

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