Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction

Thanks to modern tooth preserving treatments, the number of tooth extractions has reduced although in certain cases it’s unavoidable. Tooth extraction is done under local anaesthesia. With the help of the most modern surgery techniques, our dentists try their best to make your treatment painless and as rapid as possible.

Surgical tooth and tooth root extraction

Surgical tooth extraction is necessary if the tooth couldn’t be extracted with the traditional procedure. Reasons for this could be a tooth that is broken underneath the gum line. Another serious example might be when cavity destroyed the given tooth crown and neck to an extent that it couldn’t be removed with anything else but surgical exploration.

The most important things to comply with after tooth extraction:

- It’s FORBIDDEN to rinse your mouth intensely or suck the wound since it might dislodge the blood clot from its socket which is the key to recovery! In case you experience any inconvenience after the extraction, it’s highly recommended to consult your doctor since it’s possible that your problems are caused by the disintegrating blood cot which makes wound recovery difficult!

- Smoking and drinking alcohol is forbidden for three days!

- Don’t consume any food containing small grains or any dairy products. Bacteria in milk products might trigger inflammation in the healing wound.

- It’s important to maintain adequate oral hygiene after the extraction of the tooth. The place of the extraction must be cleaned with soft bristled toothbrush from the day following the treatment.

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